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July 29, 1996

LaVale, MD to Hancock, MD

New sign

Pete took us back to LaVale at 12:30, but we didn't actually get on the road for two more hours. I went to Wal-Mart to get a plastic cover to make a second sign ("Seattle to NJ") and saw Bill C. , and we talked for quite a while about how Polly and Bernie are. Then we spent some time at Allegany Bike Works talking to Ed Taylor and crew. Ed kept telling us how proud of us he is; he is so excited about us doing this trip.

Ed Taylor and son at Allegheny Bikeworks. We bought the GT tandem there several years ago. Ed arranged for modifications to change the wheels to 700C size in preparation for this tour.
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The Potomac River. We've come a long way since crossing the Columbia.
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Then we ate lunch at Wendy's where we ate with Allen S., and I was feeling nervous about crossing all the mountains before dark. But I didn't realize that Hancock was so close to Cumberland; we were there by 7:30 p.m. I had a lot of stomach cramps - eating and then immediately riding.

Hallucinations are not uncommon during a long uphill climb. In this case, there really were giant statues of a native american man and woman.
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The mountains weren't actually too bad,

Sideling Hill in the distance. A small "v" notch is just visible on the far ridge where Interstate 68 cuts through the hill. We have to cycle across the valley but will climb the hill along the old right and cross the top far to the right of the "V".
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I just didn't feel very well, and didn't go to dinner with Dave. Central Maryland is so pretty, but it was too overcast to appreciate. We had a flat tire today, a pinch flat caused by hitting a rock in the road.

Today's ride: 46 miles (74 km)
Total: 3,392 miles (5,459 km)

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