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July 16, 1996

Elkader, IA to Wyoming, IA

4-H & Veggie Burgers

St. Peter-Paul Catholic Church- first consecrated church in Iowa
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Today was a 4-H day: hot, hilly, headwind, horrible odor (manure, pig farms especially bad).

Swine farm. At first it was hard the see the pigs running through the trees, they were the same color as the mud, of course. We could smell them long before we could see them.
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Corn fields as far as the eye could see to the distant horizon; it's just amazing how vast the fields are! True to the Dave and George W. theory again, we ignored a detour sign and ended up on dirt, gravel, and in the midst of a construction site. We had to walk the bike between bulldozers, graders, etc. but, as Dave points out, it worked out. I was so excited about ordering a "veggie-burger" for lunch. After one bite I thought, they're doing amazing things with soy! After another bite I thought that even Dave would like this! Upon closer inspection and a little more thought, I realized that a veggie-burger was simply a hamburger with lettuce, tomato, etc.! Had the best milkshake in Wyoming, IA, where they top it with whipped cream and cherry and give you the remaining shake in the metal shaker cup.

Old-fashioned telephone in an old motel run by old proprietors.
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Today's ride: 79 miles (127 km)
Total: 2,426 miles (3,904 km)

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