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June 29, 1996

Browning, MT to Chester, MT

We enter the Great Plains

Dave let me buy cherries from a roadside stand! I rigged up an ingenious method for carrying them and eating as we rode. With no daytime speed limit, riding through Montana has not been as pleasant as Washington.  Many drivers are less courteous also. The white roadside crosses which mark highway fatalities are everywhere, even on long straight- aways, no trees or poles to hit. It must be head-on collisions involving speed/alcohol. There were signs about giving up alcohol all over the reservation. We passed through Devon, MT, population 13. There was a Frontier Bar, a grain silo, and a sign post with about four family names on it. It makes Babb, Montana look positively metropolitan! We had a flat tire on the prairie. 


We began to see prairie dogs; saw a scruffy mule deer. The bird-life has been amazing ever since we began this trip. Being on a bicycle and traveling through desolate or sparsely populated areas has enabled us to hear such beautiful songs. Today we saw 10-12 pelicans (we think) and a similar brown bird. We were lucky tonight. We were planning to ride on to Rudyard because we were feeling good and the tailwind was pushing us along at 21 Mph. I mentioned it to the dinner waitress in Chester and she said it was no longer open. So we checked in Chester's two motels and there was only one opening. We ended up paying for a suite with a kitchenette. It would have been 60 more miles to the next stop!

1,014 miles total to date.

Thinking of our friend Eric W. who has a remarkable penguin collection. We're not sure why he collects penguins.
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Today's ride: 104 miles (167 km)
Total: 909 miles (1,463 km)

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