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October 31, 2014

Kosciusko, MS to Clinton, MS:

At least the traffic helped keep our minds off the cold wind

Another brisk cold morning warmed to good riding conditions by 9:30. The morning ride was on the type of parkway roadway we have been spoiled by so far. But the afternoon was not as good. A cold front slated to bring frost tonight was also supposed to have north winds (we are heading southwest. Of course we weren't surprised when the strong gusty winds seemed to come from all of the wrong directions.

Ross Barnett Reservoir.
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The lily pads were flipping up from the gusty winds.
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We had a hard time telling between the Tupelo and the Cypress trees. Tupeloes are deciduous while the Cypress is a conifer but many of the leaves were already gone and when you have been holding your head up looking at the road for hours craning your head up seems like too much effort. The Cypress is recognized by it's knees, which Rhona said look more like toes.
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One reason driver's give us space. Ironically, right after this picture was snapped, while we were standing at the edge of the road a little old lady in a Corolla buzzed me, even with me holding my hands 3 feet apart under the sign. Thankfully, I don't think she was texting.
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In spite of the contrary winds it was a pretty ride.

The Parkway parallels Ross Barnett Reservoir outside Jackson.
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The reservoir looked prettier in reality than on the map. Traffic was getting pretty heavy, but once again drivers gave us space.
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Nearing Jackson we had 5 miles of a bicycle path but then 11 of our heaviest volume of traffic with strong gusty winds. Remarkably every driver gave us sufficient room when passing. After leaving the Trace we encountered 3 miles of very heavy suburban traffic on the way to our hotel.

I've concluded the problems we are having with the chain when coasting are caused by the White Industries rear wheel hub. Intermittently and now more frequently after pedaling, when we coast the cassette (sprockets) stick and attempt to continue to rotate causing slack in the upper chain line. The chain sags down hitting the chain stay. In some instances while leaning into a turn the sagging chain hits the spokes of the rear wheel. We usually have to pedal in this terrain but it would still be nice to be able to coast at times. We have 95 more miles to go in the next two days. I hope we don't have to pedal every foot of the way.

It's ironic that we spent the most money on this tandem we have ever spent on a bicycle with by far the best components and have had the greatest number of mechanical issues. Fortunately, so far we haven't been forced to abandon the tour.

Today's ride: 75 miles (121 km)
Total: 389 miles (626 km)

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