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April 14, 2012

Procrastinating: Somebody give me a push....

I arrived at SFO on the 14th of April, it's now the 16th.....

The bike box was more gaffer tape and holes than a box by the time it made it to SFO. I barely recognised it as it rolled into the airport baggage area. For some reason American Airlines had opened it up and poked around inside and then retaped over my gaffer tape. They wanted to charge me extra for the bike in box - I just said, "No, I don't think so. Qantas told me you might try to get me to pay extra. I paid for bike in box all the way to SFO. " They got a bit out of shape, but I just stood there smiling like a crazy tourist and they eventually relented.

A note to self (and any others reading): if I have a choice next time, I think I'll arrive directly at SFO instead of LAX, their entire arrival process is so professional and seamless. LAX looks more like a very poor 3rd world airport that's been through a civil war and it requires a fair bit of effort to get in and out of. SFO is a relatively new airport and is designed for efficient arrival and departure. The baggage area has plenty of room for you to either tear down or reconstruct a bike in comfort. And you can then roll the bike to the rapid transport station (BART) right at the airport and hop on the train with the bike - except during commute hours (07:00 to 09:00). Heading out of SFO is just the reverse process. And if you need a bike box - go to the Airport Travel Agency located in the international terminal. They sell bike boxes and tape. For a fee, they will also store it short term. I think most of the airlines also sell bike boxes, but it's hard to find that info online.

Anyhow, gaffered bike box and I got picked up by my mum and then we all went to my sister's place in Brentwood, where I remade the bike and bought the bits and pieces of kit that I was missing. I'm now procrastinating, figuring out how to get my bike and me to San Francisco for the start of the ride. It's looking like I'll get ferried to the BART station and from there ride BART into SF, spend a day being a tourist and then cycle to the Golden Gate Bridge and point myself south and start pedalling.

That is the plan ... but right now I think I'll take a nap.

Check Your Firearms: Only in America. The friendly check-in lady told me her personal record is nine firearms from one customer. It's an amazing store - definitely worth a visit. Kind of like a cross between Disneyland and a retail NRA heaven.
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