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September 13, 2020

Day 1 - Log Entry - Egg Harbor City to Avalon

Day 1 went smooth 45 miles, 4 hours and one minute of riding.   My warmshowers host Doug was so kind to let me park my car at his farm for six days.   He is know in the area as the Well Driller, I assume he is a retired well driller.   Didn’t get to meet him he was on a bike trail in Virginia.  He sent his neighbor over to greet me and to let me know if I needed anything to call.  How nice!

In the first three miles I thought I was lost.  I came across this road sign saying New Orleans Ave.   Well, I know I didn’t ride that far.  

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My route took my past the Atlantic City Airport on a wide shouldered road and onto a 16-mile, paved cycle way from Pleasantville to Somersault Point.  The trail changes names depending twice along the way.  

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The sun ruled out over the clouds as I reach the inlet at Somers Point, there were a few boats and this cool sailboat out cruising.   

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Well, over the causeway to Ocean City and yo the boardwalk for the famous Manco & Manco Pizza and a Birch Beer.   The line was rocking, almost didn’t do it but.....

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Break after pizza....

The rest of the ride was coastal neighborhoods until turning onto John F. Kennedy Blvd to get to the campground.  It was pretty so I explored a little. And shot some cloudy images.  

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Today's ride: 45 miles (72 km)
Total: 45 miles (72 km)

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Daniel SpanglerGreat story for day 1! Love that you are rocking the TYBEE hat “on patrol.” 1330 sailed past Cape May on her route down to her last try dock. Maybe you’ll see her riding steady out to sea.
Have fun and rock out man. And one more thing, always stop for pizza- no matter the line. :)
Love you man.
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