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July 19, 2011

Trent et Quatre: A bit jet lagged

Whew, made it home, finally...

The idea to save money with my free flight to Boston, and to fly to Europe from there, which is cheaper than flying from California, was a good one financially but it was a long haul, travel wise, hopping from plane to plane to plane, with an overnight layover in Boston.

The good news is that in Denver (where I connected while traveling from Boston to Sacramento) the airlines were looking for volunteers to be "bumped" from the overbooked flight. I volunteered for a cool sum of a $400 voucher from Southwest airlines. Is it the start of a trip next summer? Perhaps?

But either way, I'm not quite done with this one, journal wise, and I have a few thoughts to add about the trip, which I dare say was AWESOME!

But I'm not feeling too sharp right now, mentally that is. And I don't mean the usual "unsharpness" that is a part of my mind in general, this is more of a jet lag thing.

Besides, my cat is so happy I'm home that she keeps insisting on sitting ON the keyboard while I'm typing, which creates problem when I'm actually trying to, you know, type.

Still, I DO have some final entries and maybe even some pictures that I missed before. I'll add all of that in the next day or two, when I've sharpened up my brain and Cricket (that's my cat) has settled down a bit.

But right now, Cricket and I need a nap!


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