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May 12, 2014

What we thought of the Mosel Radweg

The Mosel Radweg joins just a half dowzen or so as the easiest and most beautiful routes in Europe. The focus provided by following just the single river, the single industry (other than tourism) and the beauty of the architecture all make for the best possible experience

The really prime pasrt of the Mosel is fronm Trier to Koblenz. Further upriver things are more variable, with some unlovely industry and poor path marking around Metz, for example. However, the bits in Luxembourg are nice, and Shengen is an interesting town to visit.

Mosel Pros

Great level path
Gorgeous villages
Interesting wine industry
Well signed
Hotels and camping everywhere
Wine tasting houses everywhere for those who like wine
The route, the towns, are all tied together by the river. The concept of this route is simple!

Mosel Cons

Shortage of grocery stores
Poor signage near Metz
A very few rough spots in the path

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