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May 26, 2014

Monday, May 26: Bad Tolz - Munchen: It's all downhill from here

FOR today's cycling, that is. A few upswells in the roads and pathways, but for the most part I rolled and rolled and rolled. Starting out on the main road, I found it really busy. So, I veered off of the road to take some beautiful pathways, then again, relied on the gps to take some very rugged bush roads. Unbelievably beautiful. But came to a point where it was un-rideable except by rugged off road bike. So I pushed for those sections under the thick canopy. I hoped the path would not simply loop back to the start, but when I zoomed out with the gps, I could see where I would be approaching an actual road. And there it was. I loved every cm of the way.

My breakfast was a mix of muesli in yogourt, a meat and cheese bunwich, juice, and tea. Not hungry again but needed the re-fueling. It was fairly easy to get out of town, and was soon in rolling hills of meadows and forests. After emerging from the bush tracks,the road led me into residential areas that gradually became more and more commercial, and finally into the fascinating core of Munchen. There were lots of cars and especially in the centre, lots of people, but with cycle paths everywhere, it was fairly easy to find my way to the north side of the city.

My gps led me right to the spot it was 'looking' for, which... was not the Novotel. Somehow I had incorrectly calculated the hotel's coordinates. Still unable to key in an actual address, I asked people in the area, and sure enough, found it.

Does this bike belong in a room like this? When I asked the receptionist if I could store the bike in the room, she said I could. So here is a touring bike sitting in a Novotel. Hee hee hee.
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Speaking of the bike, it is time to try to diagnose a small problem. When I change from the middle chainring to the smallest, invariably the chain drops off of the rings and I have to get the chain back on. Of course, this happens at the beginning of a climb, which is rather a trying experience. (Adjustedlimit screw on the front der... so I shall see what happens on the next cycling day.)

We headed toward the centre where we had our Bavarian dinners along with a dunkel. Tom has just zipped down for a corkscrew to open up his imported French wine from his recent cycle tour of southern France. I may need to sample.

So until tomorrow. Auf wiedersehen.

Another bush road. Again I checked on the gps to make sure the road I wanted was at the other end of this.
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The path became an off-road challenge where I had to push and drag the bike - but it was so beautiful that it was worth it.
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Right beside my road, in the centre of a small village sat this little pond. I just had to stop and take it all in.
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The main market near the centre of Munich. Anyone who knows me knows that I like to photograph the colours of food.
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Marienplatz, Munich. And then here I was. The hotel was a ways to the north and my co-ordinates were incorrect so I ended up asking people for directions until I arrived at the Novotel.
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Today's ride: 59 km (37 miles)
Total: 405 km (252 miles)

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