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Weather is obviously something I keep a close eye on when preparing for cycle touring. Two years ago I did my annual trip in June. If you happened to have read the journal you'll know that it rained at least a bit every day but one, and that one day was the only day I didn't ride. The rain was so bad that I ended up taking the train on several occasions to try and get ahead of the rain. 

I've been tracking the weather for the past 6 weeks or so. Germany has been experiencing abnormally high temperatures this summer. In fact one cyclist I follow on YouTube, a rather hardcore cyclist that does well over 100km a day, ended his trip several days early because of the extreme temperatures. In Austria those weather extremes are showing up as daily thunderstorms. It doesn't appear to be extensive rain, but most afternoons do seem to be getting precipitation. I can endure some brief downpours. What I'm mainly hooting to avoid is a succession of daily downpours with overcast skies and general dreariness. Not fun to ride in, generally covers up the best of the scenery, and makes for poor picture taking. My fingers are crossed and my rain gear is packed!

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