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July 19, 2015

Day 8: Rest Day

Today is a rest day at Delta Junction. Rest is the only thing on today's agenda. I felt miserable in the morning and slept until noon. I took an afternoon nap a few hours later. The only work I did was to wash clothes in the sink and tighten bolts on the bike.

The weather was drizzly all day with temperature in the 50's. All day the road was wet enough for passing trucks to generate clouds of muddy spray. It was a good day to stay off the road. The weather is forecast to be much better tomorrow.

The motel staff called me 3 days earlier to confirm that I'm still coming. I understand that because I made the reservation back in February. On the phone they asked me twice if I really plan to stay two nights.

When I checked in to the motel they asked me again if I really plan to stay 2 nights. Most tourist guests stay only 1 night but I don't understand why they seemed so skeptical that a guy with a reservation for 2 nights would actually want to stay 2 nights.

I had dinner at the busy steakhouse/bar across the highway. Most of the customers appeared to be tourists like me. But one nearby table had 4 men that didn't resemble tourists at all. They were middle-aged pudgy short-haired, conservatively dressed guys who look like they must be Baptist deacons back in their Texas hometowns. Sure enough, there were 3 Alyeska pipeline company pickup trucks in the parking lot outside.

Today I didn't bike at all and didn't take any pictures. The farthest I walked was to the shopping center across the highway. The bed was very comfortable.

I have an extremely swollen insect bite on my neck. Apparently a bee got trapped in my collar. I have very few insect bites and haven't used my insect repellent.

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