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May 11, 2021

Day 10 - Santee to Columbia

This morning my idea was to relax - zero miles.   Santee State Park would be a perfect venue for a day off.  Well, the skies were clear and temps were perfect and RAIN (100 %) was forecast for tomorrow.   Again I thought, why waste a good riding day, so the launch was a go - head north - Columbia or Bust!

The decision proved to be the correct one.   I got to enjoy beautiful roads and views - probably the most comfortable I felt in days.

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Neon Orange was the color of choice!
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Just out of the gate I captured numerous scenic views.  There were no cars for miles.  A Funny thing happened though, on one of those initial roads ... a car rolled up next to me at a stop sign (while was confirming my directions).   The passenger, an elderly lady hanging half out of the window, said, "hey we saw you way back there....". I thought they maybe they saw me a day ago, but she meant she saw my neon outfit.  "Where are you going...". What a cute older couple - friendly!  

Well the roads grew larger as I moved north.  SC 267 then US 601 and then back to a less traveled and friendly SC 48.  

Most roads today had a comfortable shoulder, unlike this one. This one had no traffic!
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All these roads were long stretches, like at least 19 miles).  Compared to past days the shoulders were comfortable and traffic light.  The truckers were so nice to me and there were a lot of them.  The log trucks were dangerous looking.  Their  loads were just hanging there with tread.  Seriously, there was a lot of wood along the highway.  I learned later that there was a wood plant on 601, the reason for that the high truck traffic.

Rest areas were tough to find again, but I did find an oasis on SC 48.   Look at this place out in the middle of rural America.  Inside were: Olland, Glenn and his  friendly wife Cindy.

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When I went inside Olland immediately started chatting.  He said I just had a baloney sandwich.   He laughed, haven’t had one for a while. He was waiting for new teeth which were on order.

Well, I immediately felt comfy and ordered the best burger I've ever had.  Olland invited me to sit down at the little table with a cheap picnic cloth covering it.

For being 86, Olland was very with it and witty. He spent 38 years in the SC National Guard - very humble guy.

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Not to bore you, but Olland told me he just took up wood engraving at 80.  His work was really good too.

Glenn and Cindy sat down eventually and I discovered how cool they were too.   Wow!  Glenn p, wearing a black ball cap with an American flag on it, carried a side arm.  He said  SC just approved it.   I told him that just the other day a guy asked if I carried “heavy metal.”   Glenn said I should, I smiled!

I enjoyed spending time with these strangers.   When I went to checkout, Cindy said, “...get out of my store, your bill is on the house.”  I said you are so kind...she said, “you are kind Keith.” Glenn gave me his contact info and said if I needed anything to call.  

With a wave off I went straight down 48 into urban America.  Traffic and no shoulders and no nice people.  Oh, there was one - a heavy rescue truck driver signalled for me to go as he came off the exit for Columbia - how and fitting.  I think he knew I was a "heavy” brother.  (My family may understand that.....) 

Anyway, I got a room for myself and will finish up tomorrow.  Yes,  Sound-Cloud Solo Tour 2021 is  in the bag - thanks to so many great strangers, new friends and family!   Thank you all!

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Today's ride: 54 miles (87 km)
Total: 522 miles (840 km)

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Tamora StumThat was a fun day Biker Dale! xoxo
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1 year ago
brandon spanglersuper amazing journey. hope the back woods of the south treated you decent. seems like some of the people did at least. this was such a cool way to share it too.
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1 year ago
Keith A. SpanglerBrandon thank you. We can relax now. Can’t wait to have some real coffee and good Brandon cooking.
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1 year ago