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View of the Cape Breton Highlands
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We feel so lucky to have experienced the Cabot Trail under such ideal conditions.   Because of Covid, the Island’s usual stream of visitors from the US, Europe, Ontario and Quebec didn’t come.   What was a real blow to the local economy  was a bonus for us; especially the reduced road traffic which made for the ideal cycle tour of Cabot Trail.   

How to sum up this week's cycling adventure?  The Highlands views are out of this world!   Cape Bretoners are genuine, welcoming and incredibly hospitable.  We were lucky to get outstanding weather- full sun for six days, little wind and the temperatures hovering between 24 to 31 degrees.   The fresh seafood, home brewed coffees, all tasty!    We discovered NS’s Tidal Bay wines.  “Tidal Bay is an appellation of origin wine, created by the Winery Association of Nova Scotia in the model of fine European wine regions. ... The wines must be “fresh, crisp, dryish, still, white with a bright, 'signature Nova Scotia' aromatic component, and the results have been phenomenal! "     We can attest to that.  

Tidal Bay White Wines
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We love Cape Breton
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  Cape Breton, we will be back!

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