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March 5, 2019

Arriving at Guangzhou International Airport

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

There was a long queue at the immigration service, but things went smoothly for me.

After getting my luggage and bag, I found a good spot outside to assemble my bicycle. Halfway though the process, a cleaner walked by and I have him the empty box.

So, two hours after touchdown, I was ready to hit the road. But I didn't see any bicycles or motorcycles. I guess they weren't allowed on the main road through the airport. I spent more than an hour walking around the airport before I discovered that the only bicycle parking lots on the airport were in the Southern corners. After following a few other cyclists, I realized I had to take a long detour to get to my accommodation for the night which was to the north of the airport.

My flight from Johannesburg to Doha was less than half full. Why does Qatar Airways then have two flights per day on this route ?
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Today's ride: 28 km (17 miles)
Total: 28 km (17 miles)

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