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October 19, 2022 to October 21, 2022


Wednesday 19th October  2022

The weather forcast was for rain for much of the day and that is how it turned out.  This meant we ended up wearing rain gear until the last few kilometers.  Once again we had very little traffic with it taking twenty kilometers before the first of only three trucks that passed us came by.

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We are spending two nights in the tiny village of Nueva Galia because strong winds from the south are forecast for tomorrow.   Our digs are a simple hosteria attached to a restaurant.  There's not much to see in Nueva  Galia but we could do with a rest after having covered quite  a bit of distance since leaving Rio Cuarto. 

Thursday 20th October 2022

A nice lazy day.  The wind is blowing strongly from the south for today and will do the same tomorrow.  So we are taking  longer break than we originally thought.  The wind has so much of an influence here on the plains that we have to take it into account when planning our journey.

Looking forward over the next few days it will be best to travel from here on Victorica on Saturday when the wind turns to be from the north again and from Telen to Santa Isabel on Monday when the wind might be mostly from the east.  The leg from Telen to Santa Isabel is another hundred and thirty five kilometer ride and we need the easterly wind to help us along.

I have spent most of the morning getting my photos sorted out.  This is the first time I am traveling without a laptop computer and so I have to manage everything on my phone and on a small tablet.  The two challenges are storage capacity and processing capability.  I have a stash of SD cards to store photos which means I need to shuffle files around from my camera to the laptop to the SD cards used for storage.  Processing is a bigger challenge because I don't have the powerful workflow software that I have on my PC and the screen real estate is so much smaller than on a PC.  I am learning to use Snapseed which is an Android image processing application.  Hopefully I will get my arms around it before the trip ends.

I took a stroll around the village this afternoon.   There isn't  much to it apart from a disproportionately large cruciform park-like plaza surrounded  by a few dusty streets.  I took my camera and binoculars  with me and picked up a couple of new birds plus a lot of mystified stares from some of the locals.

Stripe-crowned Spinetail (Cranioleuca pyrrhophia). It took me a long time to get a workable shot because it flitted constant within a thorny tree. Working through bird guides to identify it took even longer.
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Friday 21st October 2022

Another day doing very little. We strolled through the village again but there wasn't much to see.  Even the building  marked as museum didn't deliver because it is being renovated and the interior seems to be empty.

El Museo
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It started raining  again this evening  but the forecast still suggests  the wind will be in our favour as we head south tomorrow and the likelihood of rain is very low.  After two days of rest we are ready to start cycling again so even if the weather isn't as predicted we will still head for Victorica in the morning. 

Today's ride: 76 km (47 miles)
Total: 2,457 km (1,526 miles)

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