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From Mallorca in April by Eva Walters & Al Walters

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Eva Walters replied to a comment by Anne Mathers on Thoughts and conclusions

Hi Anne,
So glad you enjoyed reading our journal, and I hope it gives you ideas for cycling routes on the island. Our two week stay at Port Alcudia was definitely a highlight of the tour with so many unloaded day-ride destinations to choose from.

2 years ago
Anne Mathers commented on Thoughts and conclusions

Al & Eva, I just re-read your journal about your time in Mallorca. It sounds like it was a great vacation for you. We are about to venture there for an unloaded hub & spoke vacation, a first un-loaded tour for us. I'm trying to prepare myself to see all those other cyclists on the roads...yikes! Anyway, I see that we have much to look forward to. Thanks for sharing your experience here on Cycleblaze.

2 years ago