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From The French Connections by Kevin Stevens

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Scott Anderson commented on Travel day: Bordeaux to Paris

A great post, and a great journal. Thanks for taking us along!

1 day ago
Scott Anderson commented on a photo in Travel day: Bordeaux to Paris

So great that you met up with Susan again. She’s ubiquitous!

1 day ago
Suzanne Gibson commented on Travel day: Bordeaux to Paris

Considering your determination, I almost expected you to make one last mad dash on your bikes from Bordeaux to Paris. Glad you didn't.

What a train ride! We, too, have had many nerve frazzling train-with-bike adventures in France. Yours is a good one for a potenial collection!

How nice that you could meet Susan again. Looks like you had a lovely evening.

1 day ago
Steve Miller/Grampies commented on Travel day: Bordeaux to Paris

Gripping prose! I took time out from watching the 1998 disaster movie Armageddon to read it. Your story ended well. I'm off to see if the earth gets destroyed in the movie!

1 day ago
Kevin Stevens replied to a comment by Michel Fleurance on Le Mas d'Agenais to Créon

Glad you find the journal entertaining! It is always my hope that the people we connect with wonder from time to time how we're getting along. This is one way to satisfy that curiosity.

2 days ago
Michel Fleurance commented on Le Mas d'Agenais to Créon

Here is the book
so nice to read your blog every morning.

3 days ago
Steve Miller/Grampies commented on a photo in Travel / rest day in Toulouse

Good spotting! Somehow I looked for a long time before seeing him.

4 days ago
Tricia Graham commented on Toulouse to Valence d'Agen

It’s a wonderful route all the way to Bordeaux. Enjoy it!

5 days ago
Scott Anderson commented on Saint-Gilles to Séte

I’m not surprised Ev5 takes an inland route to Sete; the coast route, which we experimented with, is quite difficult to find. We felt lucky to make it through at all and we’re getting seriously worried. Most of the Highway east of Sete is closed to bikes (with good reason), as is that canal-side path I think you’re referring to. Our experience:

Hey - we both arrived in Sete on October 18th!

6 days ago
Kevin Stevens commented on a photo in Angers to Montsoreau

Oh yeah, of course water level would be a factor! Hadn't thought of that.

1 week ago
Kevin Stevens replied to a comment by Rich Frasier on Avignon to Saint-Gilles

Thanks for confirming the location of start of pavement! We have Intercités tickets from Sète to Carcasssone and another set on TER to Avignonet. There was a direct TER but only at 6:30am!

1 week ago
Rich Frasier commented on Avignon to Saint-Gilles

The pavement along the canal starts right at an autoroute stop called "
Aire de Service Port-Lauragais Sud" along the A61 west of Castelnaudry. The closest train station is Avignonet-Lauragais, which is about 1km to the west of where the pavement starts. From the train station, you can just ride down to the canal and it will be obvious. If you're going to take the train to Toulouse, you can ignore this info. :) The towpath is paved all the way to at least La Réole. I haven't explored farther west than that. Good luck and have fun!

1 week ago
Robyn Richards commented on a photo in Angers to Montsoreau

We used this ferry in 2019, heading towards Angers. Looking at my journal photo, we had a much easier crossing. The river was higher, so less of a slope to haul the bikes up, and we could watch the loaded ferry as it came towards us and copy what those cyclists did. Love reading your journal!

1 week ago
Rich Frasier commented on Pont-Saint-Esprit to Avignon

Hi Kevin - it looks like you and Sunyoung are getting down into our neighborhood. We live 20km south of Carcassonne. If you need help over the next week or two, please feel free to call on us.
I’m enjoying your journal ! You two are far tougher than we are.

1 week ago
Bill Shaneyfelt commented on a photo in Lyon to Serrières

I'm not really much on fungus ID, but those really look like shaggy mane mushrooms.

1 week ago