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From To Backyardistan and Back (Tour 20) - 2020 🇨🇦 by Brent Irvine

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Brent Irvine replied to a comment by Scott Anderson on What?

Good morning. That certainly is my intention. These days my days are packed with organizing homeschooling for my son. From going over rational numbers and fractions, to science walks, guiding him through a book report, correcting his grammar, organizing gym class for him and me, while balancing getting groceries safely for my isolating parents, cleaning things that come into the house to try to prevent entry of the virus, balanced with trying to print face shields for our soon-to-be overwhelmed little hospital, and helping a friend co-ordinate bringing in N95 masks to various centres... my plan is to write more here because this is a light in the tunnel for us.

7 months ago
Scott Anderson commented on What?

Nice start, but you might elaborate a bit.

8 months ago