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From The Yellowstone Ride by Scott Anderson

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Scott Anderson replied to a comment by Keith Adams on Home

It’s interesting rereading this. Over time I’d completely forgotten about that aborted ride to Red Lodge, but it all came back in a flash. I’d gradually come to think that I intended to fly home from Cody when I rerouted there, forgetting that I was still on the plan to bike to Billings.

3 months ago
Keith Adams commented on Home

Cody Airport, with its three tiny gates, was still a welcome sight for me, too.

3 months ago
Keith Adams commented on To Cody

It took me two days to get from Canyon Village to Cody, but your account reminds me of how enjoyable they were.

3 months ago
Keith Adams commented on a photo in To Signal Mountain Lodge

Beautiful and forbidding at the same time.

3 months ago
Jeremy Perks commented on Home

Having read the posts up to now I have this overwhelming desire to ride through the USA, not New York and not Los Angeles and the big cities. Just the small places that the author describes so well! Time to plan!

4 years ago
Jeremy Perks commented on Idaho Falls

Weather forecasts, they still haven't improved:).

4 years ago