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From Plein air en france du nord by Jean-Paul & Chantal RIFF/Hautlepied

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Steve Miller/Grampies commented on Voyage annulé

Oh my, we have been so busy in the garden that I only just checked in to see where in northern France you would be. We will watch for you again in Spring! Bon courage.

3 months ago
Tricia Graham commented on Voyage annulé

So sorry to hear that, was really looking forward to following your adventures Get back on the bike soon

4 months ago
Scott Anderson commented on Voyage annulé

C’est dommage! I’m so sorry to hear that. Heal well, come back stronger.

4 months ago
Kathleen Jones commented on Voyage annulé

Oh no! Jean Paul, heal quickly. To next year!

4 months ago
Steve Miller/Grampies commented on Le projet

Salut Jean Paul et Chantal!
C'est pour nous un itinéraire très excitant. Nous essaierons de suivre vos aventures.

Bon courage!

p.s. la version de l' Osmond que vous utilser, est-ce que c'est quelques chose de nouveau?

4 months ago